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How to Fight Depression in Men

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When you feel depressed, don’t suppress it, in fact, you are right when you express it. Before now, depression is thought of as women’s problem, usually expressed by them as a feeling of worthlessness and sadness. While women show signs and symptoms of depression. Men by virtue of societal expectation that they are supposed to be the stronger sex, oftentimes, they conceal symptoms of depression, men displays it in one or different ways by being workaholic, getting angry unnecessarily, exhibiting reckless behavior and taking risks that are not worth it, through gambling and other unproductive activities. All these are classical symptoms to suppress emotional imbalance which are symptoms of depression. Also, identifying victims of depression is not rocket science. Depressed men will display additional classic symptoms such as; lack of interest in hobbies, work, and other productive activities.

No class, race or ethnic group is immune to depression, it affects the functionality of it victims. Sometimes, family and friends of the depressed might be dragged into the circle of depression, it can alter how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you. Depression, when it is neglected for a long time, it can lead to suicide or homicide. This tendency is four times higher in men than women, it is important that men begin to treat depression like every other life-threatening disease, by opening up to help and support from professionals and loved ones.

When any combination of the following is experienced, it is time to seek help;

i. You may notice a sharp increase in your alcohol consumption

ii. Maybe you get irritated by little things

iii. When sleep becomes difficult and it is accompanied by loss of appetite

iv. When you become overwhelmed by negative thoughts and you are not interested in friendship anymore

When any of these get into your life equation, you need help.

Causes of Depression

It has been discovered that men with erectile dysfunction, impotence, and any other sexual abnormalities easily get depressed. Other biological, social and psychological factors that can set of depression are;

a. Constant financial problems

b. Inability to attain certain goal

c. Chronic illness, injury, disability, and similar health problems

d. Loss of loved ones, especially family members

e. Family and marital problems

f. Excessive exposure to stress at workplace, home or school and

g. Loss of freedom

The following social support has been proved to be potent in the fight against depression- having a deep conversation can be of great help, you may not have to talk to experts, all you need is a friend with listening ears. Move out of your comfort zone and meet with new friends and expand your network. Also, simple acts such as volunteering, participating in social activities, being a part of a group that fights against depression in men and participating in your favourite sport will provide immense benefit.

In addition to above treatment, you can seek medical help which may involve administration of appropriate antidepressant. Oftentimes, medical help only provides temporal relief because it does not address the root cause of depression.

Here are things you can do to avoid depression;

1. Clamp down sugar and carbohydrates consumption because they make you feel good about yourself, but suddenly relegate your mood and energy.

2. Try as much as you can to reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

3. Feed on food that contains Omega-3 fatty acid and examples of some of this food are walnut, salmon and mackerel fish

4. Examples of food which are sources of magnesium and vitamin-B are banana and spinach, aforementioned nutrients will enhance your mood tremendously and promote alertness.

Get enough sleep and reduce stress, always manage your work schedule in such a way that it will give you enough time to relax, sleep and engage in other life enriching activities.

Finally, when you notice that your friend or loved ones are suffering from depression, the best help you can render is to show love to them. Talk and listen to them with much compassion and resist the urge to judge them. Refer them to a medical doctor or counselor and go with them, at least, for the first appointment.

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